About me
I am a dutch girl who studies photography and graphic design.. My hobbies are sewing, reading, photography, baking and a lot more. I am pretty much a busy busy girl, so I hope I can find time to post quite often!

My style
People describe my style as cheerful and girly, but you’ll see that in my outfit posts! I love dresses, skirts and skinny jeans. I don’t really like baggy pants and try to stay as fas away from them as possible! I wouldn’t describe my style as a style you would see every day, at least not in my country.

Contact & Elsewhere:
Twitter – @xAngiejj
Tumblr –Bouncing Brunette

Bouncing Brunette Stats

October 2013/ 690 views / 40 comments
An average of 5 individual visitors a day.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Als ik zie wat jij allemaal wil, dan klopt het wel dat “Ik ben een drukke, drukke vrouw”.
    Maar beter te druk dan te gemakzuchtig.
    Ik zeg dus : “Ga zo door, je bent hartstikke goed bezig”.

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