My Style Adventure #1

This is a little article about my style. How my little adventure is going!

When I started this blog, it was summer, but I deleted all posts, because I gave up.

But still, I felt very comfortable in the clothes I was wearing in summer. It was very girly, a lot of dresses and skirts, and occasionally a pair of jeans paired with high heels.

I spent a lot more time on my make-up, then that I do right now. And I miss my style from the summer. While I was looking at these pictures, I realised my style and looks changed a lot! And to show it, I looked up my very very first blog! Which I made 2 years ago!

I discovered that I changed so much in those two years. First of all, I lost an giant amount of weight! I still love colors, but I combine then in another way, and the clothes I own right now, fit way better then these loose shirts and pants that were hiding my belly.

My style has grown less child-like, and more grown up. And I was surprised to see that! I grew out of my bangs, which already makes me look older (in my own opinion).

I still love the me from back then, with all her childlike ways and her happyness, because those didn’t change. My friends still call me The Bounce.

And I still love my dresses! But it’s nice so see how much I changed in 2 years. How much my style developed, and it’s fun to see what kind of elements stayed. I still love dresses, and am dettermined to buy more of those. Actually, I’m going to invest in them, because they’re my favorite wardrobe piece!

I hope you guys liked my style adventure! It was a very fun article to do!


6 thoughts on “My Style Adventure #1

  1. Leuk om te zien hoe je stijl veranderd is! Ik vind je zomer outfits heel leuk! En ik wil je nog bedanken voor je suuuuuuperlieve reactie op mijn laatste outfit post! Echt heel leuk om te horen dat ik een van je grootste inspiraties ben, wouuuw! You made my day! 🙂 XX

    • Heel erg graag gedaan 😀 Af en toe mag het gewoon gezegt worden, toch?
      En ja vond het zelf ook erg leuk om te zien hoe mijn stijl veranderd was!

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