Youtube Favorites #1

I spend a lot of time on youtube. So I decided to make a post out of it!

This is a video of ClothesEncounter, one of my favorite youtubers! She has SO many shoes, and I am so jealous! Look at all those amazing pairs!!

I seriously laughed so hard when I saw this one. I love watching the Platform, it’s quite interesting!

This is a really touchy video from Michelle Phan. I already love her beauty videos, but this one just is really special. It’s called “How to be one of a kind”

Since I’m from the netherlands, I just had to share this one! And the outfits are just amazingly cute!

I love Marzia, just as much as I love PewdiePie, they are absolutely my favorite couple on youtube! And I also love Marzia’s style!

This was my first Youtube Favorites! I hope you enjoyed it!


5 thoughts on “Youtube Favorites #1

  1. I am the same, I spend far too much time on youtube. i’ve seen a few of clothesencouter’s videos, she cool, love her style. Thanks for you comment on my blog, I hope you do keep in touch. I lived in the Netherlands for a while so I love it when I come across Dutch bloggers 🙂

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