Hair do’s I want to try #1

I love having long hair, because you can do so many things with it! Here are a few Hair Do’s I want to try out!

The first one is that bow hair do, because I think it looks really cute, and quite simple!

This one is really elegant and cute! It’ll be perfect for valentines day!

The ribbon really finishes this one off! It’s so cute!

This updo is so elegant! It’ll be perfect for another day to the ballet or any other show.

Check this one out, it’s so simple, awesome and cute! Simple braid behind the head!

And the last one is this braid!

If I tried them all out I’ll make another post with pictures of me showing them! What’s your favorite or do you know a hair do for long hair that I should try?


9 thoughts on “Hair do’s I want to try #1

  1. Wat een toffe kapsels! Vooral dat die met het strikje vind ik super schattig, misschien ga ik zoiets door de kapper laten doen met mijn eindexamengala (die is er vast een stuk handiger in dan ik haha)

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