Do it Yourself Inspirations

Lately, I’m pretty bored. So I decided to look up some awesome Do It Yourselfs! I’ll share the ones I found with you, so enjoy!

Look at this fun necklace! I’m fan of statement jewelry, like bracelets and necklaces, and I sure would like to own one of these! I might make this one, and show you guys how it turned ou!

This one is so cute! Look at the little icecream cones! I might do this one a little bit different, for when I’m going to move and am going to give shape to a new room! Theze would just be too adorable and totally brighten up my room!

This one looks easy enough, and pretty fun! That way you can brighten up that simple bracelet you got!

You could make a cute hair accesoires out of a bow like this! I love bows, to begin with.

Another one for my room. These bottle-made sakura petals will probably brighten up my room once again.

I can probably never pull it off, but these cherry nails are just too cute!
After an hour of looking at Nail inspirations, I decided to give it its’s own post!

Ok.. One more DIY nail inspiration! Color block, still a trend I absolutely love!

I also like this one! It’s more unusual, and more of an eyecatcher. It doesn’t look that difficult to make!

This looks so cute! I would have used a little less ribbons, but you could pimp your boring cardigan or sweater with some bows.

Also a nice idea.. But some fake gem in fun shapes, and pimp a boring sweater by sewing them onto it! Bam! A nice sweater! You can actually upgrade or pimp your shirts quite easily, by adding something, like a bow (see former DIY idea), Gemstones (this idea), ribbons, paint something on it, chains, whatever you can think off.

I quite enjoyed doing this DIY post, and I hoped that you did as well! And that I inspired you! Sorry for the lack of updates lately, by the way. I haven’t been feeling so well, so I can’t really do outfit pictures.. But I hope you guys enjoy this non the less!


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