My other blog

Ok guys, I know this is unusual, but hey, I have two blogs! And I’ll now introduce you to Wickedly Pleasant!

I just can’t keep up one style, because I keep falling into the more alternative part of fashion. I loved it as a teenager (Let’s face it, I ain’t a teenager anymore since I hit 20, and now I’m 21, and I still need to get used to it), and still love it now. So from time to time I just go crazy and go down the streets with thick black make-up and just having a blast. I love the gothic look, the punk look, actually, I love everything, as long as the person is being him or herself! Everybody is beautiful, ok?

I have been thinking about it for a while, but in the end, still decided to put this blog here, because it’s who I am, and it’s part of me.

I hope some of you will enjoy it just as much as you enjoy this one!

Have a nice day and I love you all!
Visit my other blog! 🙂


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