Outfit // Red coat and black jeans

It’s getting colder and colder outside, and I just love my new coat!

Outfit Details
Coat – Primark / Jeans – Market / Shoes – Van Haren
Earmufs – Ebay / Gloves – Ebay

Even though it’s winter, it still looks like Autumn outside, and in some places, spring! Little flowers popping out of the ground.. But the temperature was really cold that day! I was very happy with my earmufs!


24 thoughts on “Outfit // Red coat and black jeans

  1. Heh that’s interesting. Winter, spring and autumn all at once? πŸ˜› Since I’ve already established that I like your coat and love your shoes, I’ll focus my attention on your cute earmuffs. I’ve never worn one in my entire life. Ahh the fluffiness. :3

    Christine from Invisible Blush

    • The weather is really weird over here, indeed. It’s like January, it’s supposed to be mid-winter, but there are still leafs falling off the trees on the ground, and there are flowers popping up! Hahaha! :”) Thanks for the compliment, sweety!

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