Fashion Inspiration // Korean & Japanese Fashion

It’s for a while already, but I love the Korean & Japanese Fashion styles, especially the cute style. I love looking classy and cute, and I’m planning to combine this with my outfits.

Thanks to Tumblr, Pinterest, Google & Youtube I found a lot of inspirational pictures and videos that I am now going to share with you guys!

That was Tumblr! You’ll probably see these kind of pictures in my Tumblr Favorites a lot more! I have to say, this post is looking a lot like my tumblr favorites, hahaha!

Now I’ll show you guys some Outfit Videos I found on youtube. I don’t like every outfit in the videos, but they will give you a general idea about the style.

As you can see it involves a lot of pastel, a lot of cute prints and a lot of accesoiries, that is what I like about this fasion style. I only concentrated on the ‘cute’ side of the style, because there are quite a lot of street fashions inside of these countries.

I am very excited to experiment with this style and discover how I can coordinate it with my daily outfits!


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