Shopping Haul 7-1-2014 Primark & River Island

I went into the River Island for the very first time today, and I pretty much fell in love. Only the prices hurt me. But next to it was the primark! So… I went shopping.

Here is what I bougt at River Island. It’s this really cute sweater! I fell in love with it as soon as I let my eyes fall on it. So I grabbed it, tried it on and payed for it.

And look at this really cute coat I bought! I’m going to make a outfit shoot with this one. It’s a great basic piece, right? I bought this one at the Primark.

And a nice little spaghetti top that I found for 1 Euro at the Primark! I would be stupid to not take this one with me!

And since there would be something wrong with me if I didn’t buy a dress or a skirt when I go on a shopping spree, there is this dress! It has a really cute pattern!

I went to the claires, and found this gold neckalce, it’s really cute. Also found silver 8 shapes earrings there. Afterwards, I went to the market and some 99 cents shops. I collected quite a few juwelry pieces. I got owl earrings, an owl necklace, a necklace with a blue stone, a feather neckalce and a white & silver bracelet.

This was my shoplog of today!


48 thoughts on “Shopping Haul 7-1-2014 Primark & River Island

    • It’s actually red. But I think my camera made it more pinkish. Stay tuned! There is a outfit post coming up with the jacket!

  1. The dress is very pretty. River Island prices are a bit higher but I love their bag collection. Primark in the other side is super affordable and are stocking some great pieces of clothing and accessories. I always end up buying something when I’m in Primark, these are my latest Goodies

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