Tag: The thankful project

There is always something to be thankful for, but more and more people ignore this and just want more and more. That’s why I’m doing this tag, I want to share my thankfullness with you guys!


I found this little tag a few times, on a lot of blogs, and decided that it was perfect for this post! Here comes the tag!

1. A person
I am not going to just say one person, but I’m greatly thankfull for my friends and family. They have helped me through the year.ย 

2. A role youโ€™ve played
I am thankful for being able to help people. So I’ve played the role of “The helping hand”. Even when it was small, like helping an old lady out of the bus, or big, it still counted.

3. A place
Nature. I am thankful for the peace and the love I get from nature. I feel at home there.

4. An experience
I am very thankful for the experience of having a blog, and everybody who follows me. It’s a great experience and it gives me a lot ofย self-confidence. I love you guys!

5. A talent you have
If there is a talent I have, then it’s that thing that my friends tell me. I am always able to cheer somebody up. I am completely random, and a gigantic klutz, so that means a lot of funny situations. Also, I always try to be there for my friends.

6. A failure
The things I’ve learned from my failed relationships. I’ve learned a lot of those failures, and that helped me being who I am today!

7. A job
My blog is a job as well, right? And if it’s not, then I’m thankful for being a babysitter. Just seeing those kids grow warms my heart. I’ve teached them things, and they teach me things. It’s really wonderful.

8. Words
I love you

9. A photo

This picture with my best friend always cheers me up. We’re a couple of weirdos who like to play dress-up and walk through the city. This picture is from a day we had a lot of fun!

10. A memory
All my memories are precious for me. So I can’t really make a choice for any of it. I have memories with my family, my friends.. I am thankful for all of those!

11. An opportunity
I am very happy with the fact that I get to finish school this schoolyear. It has taken alot from me, but I’m going to make it!


What are you thankful for?


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