About me // 50 facts

I wanted to start doing a few tags, and this is the first one! 50 facts you probably didn’t know about me! Enjoy!

1. My mobile is practically glued to me. I’ll never go somewhere without it.
2. I am 1.69m high, but wish I was longer
3. I am a size 36-38 right now.
4. But I can also fit into size 164 – 170 for children.
5. I come from a gipsy family
6. I wear contact lenses, because I keep breaking my glasses.
7. When I had braces, I hated them a lot.
8. I barely eat a the mcdonalds since I saw an experiment with their fries… It shocked me.
9. I used to be heavy goth when I was in middle school, now I still wear it, but less heavy.
10. When I was around.. 16 I began to get my own style.
11. This resulted in two styles, because you can clearly see a difference.
12. I love glitter and glimmer!
13. My biggest dream is to get married
14. I am getting housewife lessons from my grandmother and mother.
15. My parents are divorced.
16. I have a little sister.
17. I only drink 3 cups of coffee a day.
18. But tea is a whole different story, I keep drinking it!
19. When I am bored, I look all over ebay and other webshops for awesome items.
20. I love gardening.
21. I look after the neightboorhood kids, and we play with Lego a lot!
22. I used to dance a lot.
23. I am almost a black belt at judo, but then had to stop because I hurted my knee, pretty badly.
24. I take painkillers.
25. I have ADHD, but I think I can handle it pretty well.
26. I still watch the saturday morning cartoons
27. I love to party!
28. I dress up for no reason at all.
29. I love the holliday season, actually, I love all hollidays!
30. I love the rain, as long as I am inside, or at least can keep my head dry.
31. Me and my friends act like total idiots, and that’s how we like it.
32. I can go shopping for hours, and then come home with barely anything.
33. My favorite numbers are 7, 11 and 13
34. My favorite colors are black, red, teal, baby blue and baby pink.
35. I absolutely hate spiders!
36. I get on Tumblr at least once a day!
37. I love anime & manga
38. I watch a lot of tv series and a lot of movies
39. I used to weight around 100 kg. Now I am around 60.
40. My hair gets greasy really fast.
41. My favorite movies are Grease and Labyrinth
42. I can’t remind important things or dates, but I can remember useless facts.
43. I am allergic for a lot of things
44. I know my oldest friends for around 16 or 17 years.
45. I am easily distracted.
46. I love the peter pan collar!
47. When I don’t need to go out, I wear my pyjama’s, because they are just so comfy.
48. I am bust with a bucket list.
49. When painting my nails, I paint both my hands and toes, so they match most of the time.
50. I am thankfull for all my blog readers and I just love comments. I love you all!


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